Kratomystic Kratom Review

Kratomystic is not your typical Kratom supplier; this brand is in a class of its own.

They don’t just sell a variety of strains. They sell premium quality strains and enhanced strains with double or triple the potency of ordinary strains you will find elsewhere.

The brand was founded in California and has been in operations for about two years now. It is best known for its great customer service.

However, customer service is not the only thing that makes this brand to stand out. It also deeply involved in botanical research. This is how it produces premium quality and enhanced Kratom.

Additionally, Kratomystic only sources its products from what it calls “impeccable locations.” These are growers who it has vetted and qualified as its suppliers. Only suppliers who get Kratom from organic trees with high alkaloid and flavonoid concentrations are accepted by the company.

There is nothing not to love about the great quality enhanced products and extracts sold by this company. You will find the likes of Enhanced Bali, Enhanced Maeng Da, and Ultra Enhanced Indo to be more powerful than any other stuff out there. Regular strains include several Maeng Da strains, Borneo strains, Green Bali, and Green Malaysian.

Based on the information we have gathered, this company is above-average in product quality and customer service. Read on to find out the company’s best-selling products and how to save money when shopping on

Company Background

  • Brand name: Kratomystic
  • Founded on: N/A
  • Country of Operation: United States
  • Address: 5753 Santa Ana Canyon Rd. Suite G, Anaheim Hills, CA 92807
  • How to contact them:
  • Reputation: Good
  • Variety of products: Average
  • Ships to Canada: Yes

Reasons why you should buy their products

  • Great quality products
  • All products are quality tested before being sold
  • Relatively affordable powerful strains
  • Enhanced powders and strains available with higher potency
  • Plenty of information available on the website about how things work
  • Well-branded products
  • Capsules available (although they are not legal in Canada)
  • Good variety of the powerful Maeng Da strain
  • Operates from California; meaning it maintains North American standards

Reasons why you may not want to consider this brand

  • This company does not accept the return of products. They sell that their reason for this is that they cannot resell them.
  • They may take up to 10 working days to process an international order (orders from Canada are considered international orders.

How to save when buying Kratomystic products

You can save a good amount by subscribing to this brand’s mailing list. You will only need your email and it won’t take you more than five minutes to do it, and you will get a 15% off coupon to use on your first order.

You can also save good money by buying starter packs. The packs contain key Kratom strains and are sold at a more affordable price than singular strains.

Additionally, you can save by following the company on Facebook and Twitter; the brand usually gives discount coupons to their followers on these social media platforms.

Lastly, you can save by making sure your order is above 100 USD so that you enjoy free shipping (this is only available for orders to domestic addresses.

Best-selling Kratomystic products

Maeng Da

Yellow Maeng Da (1 ounce 16 USD)

This Maeng Da strain is also known as the gold powder, which is fitting considering that it is kind of the gold standard for good quality Kratom.

The mitragynine content of this product is relatively high than what you will find in most other strains because this powder is made from very old Kratom trees from virgin forests and plantations across Indonesia.

In terms of aroma, this product has a strong aroma for a product of its kind.

In terms of therapeutic effects, the Yellow Maeng Da is known to soothe the body, to increase energy levels, and to provide a moderate calming down effect (sedation).

Red Thai

Red Thai (4 ounces 51 USD)

This is a powerful basic strain of Kratom.

It has got a high concentration of mitragynine and of 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Its aroma is mild and the product itself exists as a finely ground powder.

Quality Red Thai powders like this one are highly sought after by customers worldwide because of their awesome sedation effects.

Moreover, this particular powder is also potent enough to provide incredible emotional and physical therapeutic benefits.

Again, like we have insisted severally on our website, Kratom and its various strains have not yet been approved by Health Canada for internal use. Therefore, you are not exactly supposed to use any Kratom for medical conditions. Always consult with a medical professional for medical advice on any topic.

Borneo White

Borneo White (1 ounce 10 USD)

This is the cheapest product per ounce on our list. However, this does not mean it lacks in any way in terms of quality or potency.

As the name of this Kratom product implies, it is grown and harvested from the rainforests on the Indonesian side of Borneo Island.

Those who have used this before claim that it is very balanced. It’s best used for positive mood enhancement.

It is also thought to be the most euphoric natural Kratom strain you can get online. Thus, if you want good euphoria and proper physical stimulation, this is the strain you should get.

Green Malaysian

Green Malaysian (1 ounce 15 USD)

Green Malaysian is harvested sustainably from mature forests located deep in Malaysian rainforests.

Upon being harvested, the leaves are usually cut, dried, and shipped to the US where tests are done to confirm the levels of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Tests are also done to ensure that the leaves have no contaminants so as to assure buyers of their safety and health.

The leaves are usually then finely powdered before being packaged for distribution.

This Kratom strain is used popularly to kill chronic pain and to provide relief for headaches, back pain, muscles pain and other types of pain.

What other reviewers are saying

Kratomystic is a relatively new company so there are not that many online reviews about it on social media and on other platforms to make an opinion about what people are saying.

Final Thoughts

This is a decent American-company. You should consider their products especially if you are looking for quality and value for money.