Canada Kratom Express Review

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We recently started ordering from the Canada Kratom Express to see what their product quality is like and how good their customer service is(as well as find out about other aspects of their company & Kratom products).

They carry a lot of different products so we did not get to try absolutely all of them, but we did get a pretty good idea of their overall quality.

In this quick review we will cover our experience.

red bali

Red Bali

Probably one of Express’s most popular strains.

The Red Bali strain seems to always be a fan-favorite no matter which vendor is selling it.

We tried the Red Bali product from Express and it seems pretty good, but we had to take about 3 teaspoons in order to get the effects we wanted(which is a little more than we usually like to take).

green borneo from canada kratom express

Green Borneo

Just like most of Express’s products, Green Borneo comes in available sizes of 25, 100, 250, 500, and 1,000 grams.

Green Kratom is dried in the dark which preserves a very certain alkaloid profile that a lot of people like.

This one was pretty good overall and seemed to have a smooth effect.

white hulu kratom leaf powder

White Hulu

Currently the Canada Kratom Express only stocks 2 white strains, White Hulu & White MD.

We’re generally not a fan of “Whites” because the drying process creates a certain alkaloid profile that we find to be a bit too stimulating.

We have actually never tried this particular White Hulu product ourselves, but it does have some good reviews on the Express site(obviously these could be fake, though, however, so it is wise to take such on-site “reviews” with a grain of salt).

Overall Thoughts On Canada Kratom Express

The products from Express are pretty good overall, but we wish they were a little more potent.

The mitragynine content seems to be about average and on-par with other brands in the industry.

Companies that import huge mass amounts of Kratom powder usually have sub-par quality because the raw material spends so much time sweltering in the heat during the weeks-long shipping process from Indonesia to Canada(proper storage techniques that preserve potency require keeping the leaf powder at a cool, mostly-constant temperature during storage).

The problem with using this type of “average potency” Kratom is that you have to take large amounts of it(usually at least 2 teaspoons) in order to get the effects you want.

If potency is not your main concern, however, Canada Kratom Express seems to be a pretty solid vendor overall.

Alternative Kratom Vendors For Canadians

Fortunately for us in Canada, there are currently a variety of different vendors out there that sell some decent Kratom products.

We have recently tested leaf powders from Canada Kratom Express, Original Harvest, and Coastline.

The most potent Kratom product we have found was this Green Malay strain which seems to have a super high mitragynine content.

We’ve actually been using this as our main staple daily for months now.

There are a lot of big new developments happening in the world of Kratom that we are excited about.

For example, soon companies will probably be offering “extended-release” version of their products that are ready-made to be super convenient for daily use.

This will be particularly useful for things like sleep.

As of right now, however, all we have are these various natural leaf powders from various vendors.

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